Retro TDK D90 Cassette Tape 80s 90s Music T-Shirt


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“Home Taping is killing Music”

That’s what they were saying back at the end of the eighties. I dont think it happened though did it, in fact we have more variety now and its so much easier to access music of all kinds.

But, if you remember the times when a TDK D90 was a necessity (either copying your mates Happy Monday album or taping the charts on a Sunday night), then this throwback tee is just for you my friend.

Here’s the technical spiel :

TDK D90 is a Type I (normal bias) audio cassette that easily outperforms other standard grade tapes. Its Pure Grained Ferric magnetic formulation offers low noise and high output, with excellent sensitivity over the entire frequency range.

A veteran member of the TDK audiotape family, D is superior normal bias recording media with a proven track record. It’s ideally suited for everyday recording and applications where the same tape is frequently re-recorded and played.

D is a workhorse, all purpose tape for your all purpose world. Use it for dubbing, archiving vinyl, recording radio talk shows or to capture just about any audio source. TDK’s normal bias D is the world’s most popular all purpose tape.

For decades, TDK has been the most trusted audiotape brand, having earned the respect of recording engineers, musicians and home recording enthusiasts by delivering the world’s highest quality, most reliable cassettes. TDK audiotapes utilize ultra-fine, high-sensitivity Super Finavinx metal magnetic particles to realize superlative audio fidelity. TDK is audio, proven and true.

Oh and don’t forget this is a t-shirt not an actual TDK D90 tape – you cant record Step On to a tshirt now can ya ?

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