The Stone Roses Reni Dripping Paint Bucket Hat Design T-Shirt


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There are a few instant images that evoke the band, The Stone Roses, and Reni (the drummer) wearing his bucket hat is one of them.

The hat shows the dripping paint for which the band are also famous for after their infamous “paint incident” at their record companies headquarters.

Alan John “Reni” Wren (born 10 April 1964 in Manchester) is an English rock drummer and member of The Stone Roses.

His laid-back style of complex, off-beat rhythms was influential in bringing about the blend of indie and dance music which formed much of the Manchester (or Madchester) sound of the day. He is considered by many industry insiders to be the best drummer of his generation and one renowned for his virtuoso abilities.

During The Stone Roses, he could be easily identified by the now iconic bucket hat. Following his departure from the band in 1995, he fronted the Rub from 1998 to 2001, who played several low-key shows but split without releasing any material. After a long hiatus, he re-emerged on the music scene with the reformation of the Stone Roses in October 2011.

The bucket hat Reni wore during his time with the Stone Roses gained the nickname “Reni hat”, a term still in use, especially due to the band’s 2011 reformation, particularly in the UK.

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